Extradition Law

Extradition Law

Extradition law proceedings involve the legal process by which individuals accused of committing crimes in one country (the requesting state) are transferred or extradited to face trial or punishment in another country (the requesting state). These proceedings are governed by both domestic legislation and international treaties, such as the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and bilateral extradition agreements.

We are one of the most experienced and well known Extradition practices in the country and regularly advise Respondents’ who are the subject of Extradition proceedings before the High Court.

Most notably, we appeared before the High Court, the Supreme Court and the CJEU in the Minister for Justice -v- Artur Celmer [2019 IESC 80] which raised concerns about the rule of law in Poland and whether Mr. Celmer’s extradition would violate his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights due to potential flaws in the Polish judicial system.

This case highlighted the complexities of extradition proceedings involving concerns about the rule of law and human rights protections within the European Union.

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