Fahy Bambury Solicitors are one of Ireland’s leading and most respected Human Rights & Criminal Defence law firms based in Dublin City Centre


Our practice emanates from the amalgamation of two longer-established and reputable Dublin Criminal Defence law firms in 2008. Fahy Bambury Solicitors are now recognised a National law firm and we continue to be at the forefront of providing comprehensive legal advices and competent court representation to thousands of persons who come before the Irish Criminal Justice system annually.

Fahy Bambury Solicitors provide sound, professional and prompt legal advice. Our Criminal Defence expertise is very diverse and ranges from road traffic offences to terrorist related indictments.

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At Fahy Bambury Solicitors we have built a reputation for being fearless, passionate and professional in our commitment to upholding our clients’ best interests. Our ability to provide specialist, sound legal advice has firmly established us as one of Ireland’s leading Criminal Defence and Human Rights law practices.

We represent those charged with criminal offences in all criminal courts, from summons and public order matters to regulatory prosecutions and indictable offences. Our firm is one of the few criminal defence firms in Ireland to have a dedicated District Courts Department and Superior Courts Section.

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